Current Clients
Key Projects

City of Missoula - Assisting in the potential creation of two new Urban Renewal TIF Districts
     with Lanette Windemaker (AICP)
Missoula County - Assisting in the potential creation of a new TIF district at Bonner
     with Lanette Windemaker (AICP)
City of Lewistown -- Assisting in the creation of an Urban Renewal TIF District (with Lanette
     Windemaker, AICP)
Butte-Silver Bow -  Providing ongoing development and planning assistance for the TIF program
Town of Whitehall - Providing strategic planning assistance to the newly established Urban
     Renewal TIF District

Town of Stanford, Montana - Growth Policy Preparation (with Robert Peccia and Associates)

Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation, Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
     Preparing a Field Inspection Manual (with the Montana Tech Petroleum Department)

Jefferson Local Development Corporation - Strategic Planning Assistance